Hi there, my name is Dimitrije!

I’m a conversion marketing expert and Drip Certified Consultant. I also run online conference on conversion and marketing automation LeadCon where I hosted speakers such as Bob Jenkins (Leadpages), Anna G. Jacobsen (Drip), Mikael Yang (ManyChat),…

How can I help you?


Marketing Strategy

Marketing today is about Culture, Coding and Creativity. It’s a combination of these three. But above all, it’s personal. Very, very personal. We can help you get to know your customers and create the right strategy for your business.


Lead Generation and Marketing Automation

Marketing today must be able to find your ideal customer at the right place, in the right time, with a right mindset to buy. Sounds easy? Not at all! That’s why we’re here to help. We’ll create the way to help your customers choose their own way to buy your service/product!


Leadpages and Drip development

Conversions are essential for your business. By using personalization in the way you communicate with your customers we can adapt your message to your client’s needs and lower your acquisition cost up to 50%. This will get you more clients within existing budget!


Consultation and Education

In case you want to implement marketing automation, lead generation and website personalization on your own, but you need help – don’t hesitate! We’re always here to give you an advice and guide you through the process.

My Certifications

My team is my biggest strenght!

If you thought I’m working alone, you’re not right!
Behind me is an amazing team of experienced and creative individuals contributing to everything I do. We can consult you for building your strategy, but I assure you we can do much more. We can build it for you with the team of designers, SEO and PPC strategists, copywriters and branding experts.